Why Donate?

I'm a core developer for Minetest. I've contributed over 70 patches - many new features and bug fixes. I've also created a ton of resources, mods and tools for Minetest, such as:

By donating you show me that you appreciate my work, and it encourages me to spend more time to contributing to Minetest. It also helps me cover the costs of hosting my server. Please note that you should donate only if you like what I've done so far. A donation is a "thank you" rather than a contract or requirement to do future work.

Ways to Donate

Both Liberapay and Monzo give me 100% of donations, with 0 fees. Liberapay is a recurring donation similar to Patreon, whereas Monzo is a one off donation similar to Paypal.

See more of the stuff I do

Take a look at my portfollio, blog, Twitter, GitHub, or YouTube accounts.