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What do I do?

Renewed Tab

I created and maintain a browser extension called Renewed Tab. See Renewed Tab's donation page.


As a core developer, I've reviewed many hundreds of PRs and contributed hundreds of patches. I've also created a ton of resources, mods and tools for Minetest, such as:

I've performed outreach for Minetest - running the social media accounts, enabling the Minetest blog, and representing Minetest with a stall at two conferences.

Stall at FOSDEM 24
Stand at FOSDEM 24
Me standing on a stage in front of a projector screen. Screen says 'Minetest - Open source voxel game engine'
I gave a talk about a project made with Minetest at CERN
Stall at Freenode Live 2018
Stall at Freenode Live 2018

Why Donate?

๐Ÿงพ Cover my costs: Donating helps cover my costs, which includes server hosting for ContentDB and Renewed Tab, a paid weather API, and occassionally outreach for Minetest.

๐Ÿš€ Unlock the future: Excess funding will give me room to do more Minetest outreach, upgrade servers, pay for things like art / translations, and spend more time on Minetest. I'd like to run a stall at a conference like FOSDEM one day. Minetest will be at FOSDEM 24!

โ˜• Support me: By donating you show me that you appreciate my work, and it encourages me to spend more time to contributing to Minetest. Buying me a coffee helps with my productivity!

Please only donate if you are financially stable. You should prioritise yourself first. This means don't donate if you're a student or a kid.

My Costs


I represented Minetest at FOSDEM 24. I paid for flyers, stickers, and my travel and accomodation.


I pay โ‚ฌ17.57pm (~$19) on server hosting (ContentDB, Renewed Tab, my websites), and $25pm on an AccuWeather subscription for Renewed Tab. Each donation platform also charges fees, which increases costs further.

$40.84 / $50 per month

Ways to Donate

Liberapay is the best option for recurring subscriptions, as Patron takes 8% + fees on all donations.

See more of the stuff I do

Take a look at my projects, blog, Mastodon, GitHub, or YouTube accounts.