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What do I do?

Renewed Tab

I created and maintain a browser extension called Renewed Tab. See Renewed Tab's donation page.


As a core developer, I've reviewed many hundreds of PRs and contributed hundreds of patches. I've also created a ton of resources, mods and tools for Minetest, such as:

I've performed outreach for Minetest - running the social media accounts, enabling the Minetest blog, and representing Minetest with a stall at two conferences.

Stall at FOSDEM 24
Stand at FOSDEM 24
Me standing on a stage in front of a projector screen. Screen says 'Minetest - Open source voxel game engine'
I gave a talk about a project made with Minetest at CERN
Stall at Freenode Live 2018
Stall at Freenode Live 2018

Why Donate?

๐Ÿงพ Cover my costs: Donating helps cover my costs, which includes server hosting for ContentDB and Renewed Tab, a paid weather API, and occassionally outreach for Minetest.

๐Ÿš€ Unlock the future: Excess funding will give me room to do more Minetest outreach, upgrade servers, pay for things like art / translations, and spend more time on Minetest. I'd like to run a stall at a conference like FOSDEM one day. Minetest will be at FOSDEM 24!

โ˜• Support me: By donating you show me that you appreciate my work, and it encourages me to spend more time to contributing to Minetest. Buying me a coffee helps with my productivity!

Please only donate if you are financially stable. You should prioritise yourself first. This means don't donate if you're a student or a kid.

My Costs


I represented Minetest at FOSDEM 24. I paid for flyers, stickers, and my travel and accomodation.


I pay โ‚ฌ17.57pm (~$19) on server hosting (ContentDB, Renewed Tab, my websites), and $25pm on an AccuWeather subscription for Renewed Tab. Each donation platform also charges fees, which increases costs further.

Ways to Donate

Liberapay is the best option for recurring subscriptions, as Patron takes 8% + fees on all donations.

See more of the stuff I do

Take a look at my projects, blog, Mastodon, GitHub, or YouTube accounts.