Software developer and open source contributor

Hi, I'm rubenwardy

I’m a graduate from the University of Bristol and a core developer for Minetest, an open source voxel game engine.

I have a diverse range of interests, both technical and non-technical. Some examples include Android development, Game development, Physics, language engineering, and multiplayer networking

Stuff I've Done

Multiplayer Topdown Game

For the last four years, I’ve been working on a sandbox game using C++ and SFML. The game renders the world as a topdown cross-section, with support for changing the z-level by walking up and down stairs. The game will be a base building game where you hide from a dystopian government.

The original aim was to use C sockets to learn about lower level multiplayer networking concepts - such as reliability, latency mitigation, and prevention of cheating. However, the focus has since changed to developing this project into an actual game with interesting new mechanics.

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I post in-depth tutorials and articles on my projects on my blog around once a month. See below for the most recent posts.


  • Software Developer Sep 2019-Present

    Working on desktop applications written in C# WPF MVVM, and Java Swing. Set up a Jenkins pipeline to run unit tests and UI tests automatically for each branch.

  • Arm

    Linux Kernel and Android Intern Jun-Aug 2018

    Worked on the Linux kernel and Android components such as Bionic to add new security-related features. Wrote tools to assist with debugging, testing, and benchmarking these new features.

  • GWS Media

    App and Backend Developer Mar-Dec 2017

    Developed polished native apps for Android and iOS using Kotlin, Java, Swift, and Objective-C. Also developed backend systems using PHP and Symfony

  • Client

    Developer Oct 2014-Jun 2015

    Created a web app to allocate tasks and anticipate future workload, using Python and Flask. This was for a real client, and was done as part of college.

  • Work Experience

    Web Developer Jul 2013

    Created a tourist website for beaches from a brief.

  • Minetest

    Core Developer and Contributor Aug 2012-Present

    Minetest is an open-source voxel game engine, which I am a maintainer for. I regularly review pull requests, and have contributed over 100 patches.

    Things I've directly contributed include:

    • An in-menu installer and package manager, and a backend for it called ContentDB.
    • The Minetest Modding Book.
    • Lua assertation and integration testing framework, to improve quality assurance and prevent regressions.
    • Assorted GUI features, including styling and a shared inventory GUI library.

    I've also created a number of third-party projects, including an Android app to install mods, a 3d voxel modelling program, and lots of games and mods.

    I attended as an official exhibitor at both Freenode Live conferences, in 2017 and 2018.

    Participating in this project has given me a proficiency in Git, Linux, and collaboration.


Here is a selection of things I've had experience with. There's too many to list in full.

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