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Node Box Editor


Use this editor to easily build node boxes by dragging their edges. This program supports all operating systems Minetest supports.

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Download the Windows build using the button above. Extract it to a location such as My Documents/nodeboxeditor, to run it open the nodeboxeditor file in bin/


It is recommended that you compile it yourself.

Please see the documentation on make install if you want to install it system wide.

Using the Editor

What actions you can take are limited by which mode / tool you are in.


Node Box Tool

In this mode / tool, you can edit the contents of a node. Icon: A blue cube with a chunk taken out of it.

Node Tool

In this mode / tool, you can create multiple nodes and manage them. Icon: A yellow cube.

Texture Tool

In this mode / tool, you can edit the textures of a node. Icon: Red, green and blue cube.

Saving and Exporting

The editor can currently save and export to several formats.

Run in Minetest

When you click this, the editor will try to find the Minetest root folder. If it doesn't, you'll need to change a setting in editor.conf

minetest_root = c://Games/Minetest/
minetest_root = /home/rubenwardy/Game/Minetest/
# Do not include bin/minetest or bin/minetest.exe in the root.